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Graduation Requirements

The Los Angeles Unified School district states that students must complete the following requirements to earn a High School Diploma from Stoney Point High School:

  1. Complete minimum A-G requirements for CSU admission
  2. Complete additional course requirements
  3. Earn at least 210 credits
  4. Complete the Service Learning requirement
  5. Choose a Career Pathway

Minimum A-G Requirements for CSU Admission:

A.  Social Studies (2 years):
World History/Geography AB
US History 21st Century AB

B.  English (4 years): 
English 9AB
English 10AB
American Literature/Composition & Contemporary Composition
Expository Composition
Literary Analysis

C.  Mathematics (3 years):
CC Algebra 1
CC Geometry AB
CC Algebra 2AB

D.  Science (2 years):
Biology AB
Chemistry AB

E.  Language Other Than English (2 years):
Spanish 1AB
Spanish 2AB
Spanish/Native Speakers 1AB (fulfills entire requirement)

F.  Visual Performing Art (1 year):
Intro Art AB

Art History AB

G.  Academic Electives (1 year):
Principles of American Democracy

Additional Requirements:
Physical Education (2 years)
Elective Courses to meet 210 Credit requirement
Service Learning
Career Pathway

Please note that for 4 year college admission, A-G coursework must be completed with a grade of C or higher.  SAT/ACT must be taken by December of a student’s senior year.

Students who do not meet requirements for admission to CSU, UC, or other 4 year colleges/universities are encouraged to apply to a Community College.